Hello, I'm Michelle Brendson, and thank you for tuning in once again to ANN. Here are the headlines for today, 5 - 3 - 2235.

Today's top story:

The Arrikian invasion has moved into Bertan system. This places the Nemisis wave at just one SdT jump away from attacking Alcordia system.

Alcordian military leaders are not taking this lightly, and have dispatched a large strike force of nearly 80,000 troops and almost 2,000 craft to the Bertan sector to withstand the invasion attempt there.

There are also one of each of the new models Dreadnought-class super-cruisers being deployed with the strike force. That leaves only two each of the Leviathan, Bemoth, and Excalibur models in Alcordian space, with one more of each in the works.

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