Welcome to the Nemisis rulebook in html format. I hope you are intrigued by my little game enough to play it. Please read this disclaimer before going through the files.

Nemisis is owned by Doomsday Games and Apok/Styphathal. It is a free RPG, and should remain so. It may NOT be sold in any way, shape, or form other than by Doomsday Games. Permission to present this (for specifics on this file, see the next section) and other Nemisis files online is hereby permitted, as long as no money is charged for it or to access the page it is on; and that it is clearly noted that Nemisis is owned by Doomsday Games and Apok/Styphathal, and a link to the Doomsday Games and/or Nemisis official web page(s) is provided. Please contact Doomsday Games before publishing it for ANY reasons.

This html version of the Nemisis rules was put together by David Little, with some modifications by Apok. Before using this particular document, get both of their consent, in addition to Doomsday games.

If you have anything to contibute to this game, or would like to work for Doomsday (as a volunteer, of course). Please send a mail their way.

Thank you for your attention, click below to go to rules.


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